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Taming the Consumerism Beast: My Minimalist Christmas

As we enter the holiday season, I have consciously been trying to be more mindful of the choices that I'm making and the example I'm setting.  Unfortunately, the holiday season has become part and parcel with excess--excess food, excess buying, excess debt, excess stress.
I want to do better.
The past year or two, I've been gradually shifting towards simplification and minimizing my life.  My schedule has been too busy, my home too cluttered, and my life just too stressed. And if we're honest, the holidays are no exception. We are consumer-minded, we don't budget for generosity, and we are wildly selfish, but carefully disguise this as generosity to our already well-provided for families, friends, and children (global perspective, people). 
I want to teach my children better.  And the only way I can accomplish this is to lead by example.
I want my children to learn that Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, not over-indulgence. 
I want my kids to remember that Chr…

Homesteading Heartaches

*Sigh*At times, homesteading is ridiculously making a fritatta from your own eggs, bacon, chevre, and greens.Home-raised dinner: win.At others, it is ridiculously when you realize you have to get rid of ALL your goats.Let me explain...
Recently, we had the opportunity to buy our little homestead a more permanent home (more on that later) where we can dig in some roots, live 100% debt free and get some real financial traction.  This little homestead would allow us to provide for basically all of our own food needs, if we work hard and are good stewards.As with any move, decisions have to be made on what goes and what gets the heave-ho.Given their infrastructure concerns, our animals are prime consideration....Chickens? Easy to move....and we depend on our daily eggs. Check.Pigs....they are giant and ready to be processed any day, regardless.  They will be making the move as bacon.Goats......  .......  .......And therein lies the giant question.  We…