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Goals for 2015: Finishing what we started

Yup, that'd be me!
It's been a busy 12 months, y'all!  (read more about that here.)

However, in 2015, we have decided to be more intentional about slowing down and allowing for extra time to accomplish goals.  Basically, it comes down to finishing what we already have started and paring down life--intentionally not starting anything new, new.

Additionally, in order to appropriately prioritize, I've backed up a bit and have mentally made "tiers" of to-do--must's, should's, and would-be-nice's (wbn''d ya like my new acronym?).  This should help us stay focused on what is truly important, and if something needs to get cut, it's easy to give it the ol' heave-ho.
  1. MUST: Get our city house remodeled and fully rented or sold (whichever the market seems to dictate). THEN we will finally start knocking away those student loans faster!   We hoped to have all my student loans paid off by 2017 (3-4 years ahead of schedule!), but we'll reassess how we land financially once we get this all done.
  2. MUST: Build Dan a workshop here--we're thinking about a hoop house.  With the city house all squared away, he won't have a workshop anymore, and having one right here is much more efficient for him.  It's a work requirement for him, not a hobby, man-cave.
  3. MUST: Taking care of business: getting mom's house simplified and squared away as she is in a time of transition for her life.
  4. SHOULD: Bees. Already have their hive built and most of the tools. This was on the plan last year but didn't happen. No reason not to this year!  I just need to order some and toss them in.  Nothing like an external deadline as a motivator! 
  5. SHOULD: Garden. Already have it laid out. Just plant the thing!  Our pig paddock from last year will make an awesome place to raise a ton of mangel beets, pumpkins, and squash to feed to our goats and backyard pig(s).   Green beans, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, zucchini, spinach, kale/collards, beets, and salad greens are all things that we eat a lot of.
  6. SHOULD: Complete the last of the trailer projects that it will have done at this location--underside re-insulated, fireplace in, roof replaced, and a PORCH to help collect the mud outside.
  7. SHOULD:   Determine our core recipes.  
  8. SHOULD:  Build-up and pare-down my core/capsule wardrobe.  
  9. SHOULD:  Declutter and get down to a more "simplicitist" household. Get the extra, unused crap OUT! Quit spending life organizing your stuff and instead spend it LIVING your life!
  10. WBN:  Playhouse for the kids!  Although, I gotta say, we'll probably prioritize this one to maximize kids' outside play time and make it easier for us to keep them corralled while we do chores.
  11. WBN: Goats!!--what?  I have to have at least ONE new, new thing for the year!  ;)  Ok, I'll fess up, this has been on the plan for a while and we just got them yesterday, so it's already accomplished!
  12. WBN:  Get to making most of our own dairy--yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese, and mozarella are high on that list. 
  13. WBN: Consider getting a cream separator.
  14. WBN: Paint the main living area and install baseboard.
  15. WBN: Remodel the master bath.


  1. Great list! I just wanted to share an idea for your #10 goal, since it was something I had success with when I was young and poor and had to do it all myself (a girl in her 20's then). You may find it overly simple for what you have in mind, I just wanted to give 'a playhouse', and it was a step up from cardboard!
    I used 4 full sheets of plywood to form a square, and used 2 hinges between each sheet of plywood. (I suggest short screws with bolts for the inside of the square... but at the time I probably had 1.5" screws on hand and being near the corners they were not a problem - just 'junky').
    I cut out a window and a door (also hinged on), using a dresser knob for each side. The roof was a square tarp. Sorry I can't remember how I fastened it down. We lived in the desert and it was somewhat windy, so knowing that would help, but I'm sure it wasn't the best idea out there...
    I used a 8' long wooden dowel (thicker than a broom handle) to hold the center up. It stayed in place just fine. The best part was painting the wood. I used a primer and went to town with any paints I had (lots of acrylic artist paint tubes. I probably had some leftover house paint to create the sky blue basic house color.
    I used white for a 'gingerbread trim' and for a 'window' on the door. Each side of the outside was painted to look like a photo of that side of a house.
    One side had a 'fountain' with a garden statue, the other had some hanging baskets of vines and window boxes and shutters, the back had a white picket fence with a pony looking over it (of a size to 'pet'), with an orchard in the background (because I ran out of ideas), and the front had an attached mailbox and a porch light with a little welcome sign and doorbell.
    The inside was the amazing fun (I like to paint).
    I painted a coo-coo clock, a hanging birdcage with a bird, a coat rack with fancy hats (and attached some cup hooks for other things to hang on it), and a bookcase, and a pantry shelf with jars full of jewel-colored spices, etc. (If I'd had an internet then, I'd have printed vintage labels off the internet). On the back wall I painted a fireplace of river rock, with a calico cat on one side of it, and a vase of peacock feathers on the other side. Candles were lit on the mantle.
    I plan to do this again for granddaughters -perhaps a summer project ...and I'll do a little more planning so that it's easy to fold 2 sides together and store away for the winter!
    The girls were very quick to fill it up with their play (aged under 10)...
    The only issue I didn't foresee - we ended up hanging a string across the one window'd wall, so that they could hang the doll clothes up like a clothesline - and not worry about getting pincer bugs in the box. I think I would consider attaching some wire baskets on a wall (attached with cup hooks), and several lines of cup hooks in a 'wardrobe' painted on the wall. And allow places with a peg to hang their own framed art.
    Anyway, I wish you all the luck in the endeavor!


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