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Goals for 2015: Finishing what we started

It's been a busy 12 months, y'all!  (read more about that here.)
However, in 2015, we have decided to be more intentional about slowing down and allowing for extra time to accomplish goals.  Basically, it comes down to finishing what we already have started and paring down life--intentionally not starting anything new, new.

Additionally, in order to appropriately prioritize, I've backed up a bit and have mentally made "tiers" of to-do--must's, should's, and would-be-nice's (wbn''d ya like my new acronym?).  This should help us stay focused on what is truly important, and if something needs to get cut, it's easy to give it the ol' heave-ho. MUST: Get our city house remodeled and fully rented or sold (whichever the market seems to dictate). THEN we will finally start knocking away those student loans faster!   We hoped to have all my student loans paid off by 2017 (3-4 years ahead of schedule!), but we'll reassess how we land…

Year in Review: Taking stock of 2014

As I look over my goals for last year, I realize that as usual we were biting off more than we could

chew.  But that's ok.  Aim high, right?

Let's review....  Adding to the family: CHECK!  Not like we had much of a choice on that one.  ;)  The new baby man is super cute.  I think we'll keep him. Buy trailer and move to country: CHECK! Plus as a bonus, we got a lot of remodeling done on it first so I have a nice place to call "home" and will have plenty of time to enjoy before we consider moving out of it.  I think the pregnancy nesting hormones were running super high at the time.  So much work, but SOOOO worth it!  I love my little house! (I'll try to get a "tour" up on the blog sometime soon--our fireplace is going in here in the next month, so I'm waiting for that. :) )Convert budgeted mortgage monies on city rental into faster student loan repayment: Not quite yet.  That's a HIGH priority for this year.  It MUST happen! No soda x 6 month…