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Breakfast Crack Casserole

I'm sure that you all have been thinking that I've fallen off the earth into some trailer-steading remodel hole.  Baby Man has finally made his appearance and we have finally gotten settled in!  I will be posting some updates and before/after pics of the remodeling and settling in, but as penance, I'll be sharing one of our all-time favorite recipes!

With Baby Man now here and the breastfeeding in full-swing, this momma is ready for some comfort food--that's HIGH in calories.  This seriously fits the bill and is DELISH.  We had some friends bring us this for Little Man's birth and it was AMAZING.  Dan calls it Breakfast Crack Casserole and I've made some adjustments to the recipe over the years to fit our cooking style and common ingredients around the house.

Please be aware that this is HIGHLY addictive and a 9x13 pan gets demolished by a working man, a breast-feeding momma, and a toddler after two meals.  It reheats like a gem, so I highly recommend that you …