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The Trailer Saga: Updates End of Week #4

Week #4 has basically finished with getting some essentials accomplished.  Dan finished rerouting water and drain lines and patching the roof to stop some of the leak problems that had cropped up.  This is the nature of homes...they leak and need maintenance.  For now, problem solved and a roof replacement (about due for any house) will be accomplished before next winter.

The big accomplishment for the week was getting our new floors installed.   Dan and I busted them out in ONE day.  We're pretty much awesome. They look GREAT and are so easy to clean--which is a must for living in the country with a dog and (almost) three boys on a farm.  Mud happens.  Be ready for it.

With the help of some awesome friends and family, we were able to get some large areas of painting done and get rid of the Greco-Grape wallpaper that was overtaking my kitchen and causing my new cherry floors to look purple!  I was NOT happy about having them look purple, lemme tell ya.  And, notice to the world,…

The Trailer Saga: End of Week #3 Updates

Monday saw us accomplishing all that we had hoped.  Right on schedule.  Neat, easy, clean.  Just the way I like it.  Electrical was rerouted, paneling and drywall were up for pantry.

Then Tuesday reminded us that when you do a remodel, there will ALWAYS be something that comes up that is unexpected.  A significantly larger area of rot.  Bummer.  Not a complete mess, given Dan's awesome construction skills, but certainly a bit of a set back.  Time to reevaluate our priorities and triage the to-do list...

Wednesday got us all prepped after a MASSIVE day of shopping for the "big items" on the remodel list. Slight hiccup with our 10% off coupon that the managers were reading us a line couldn't figure out.  The obviously super pregnant woman got OUT of the car to go back into the store to make them fix it explain the problem to them.  Our cashier was awesome, though, and was totally reasonable and smart and knew what to do from the get-go.  Management.  Psh.

Thursday, Fri…

The Trailer Saga: End of Week #2 Updates

I simply CANNOT believe how much has happened on the homestead in TWO weeks!  I know that I have been stressed out, concerned, worried, and fretting over not meeting time tables.

Y'all.  This momma is pregnant--and everyone keeps asking if it's my due date.  I'm getting big and uncomfortable and I only have about 2 months before this little man makes his debut.  I want to be moved and settled.  Not delivering and having one house half packed up and the other half-finished.

It's at times like these that I remind myself: breathe.

And more than that, take a minute to look back at how far we've TWO weeks!

Two weeks ago, I was making a phone call on a Monday afternoon, asking a gentleman about his bright, neon green poster that he had up in a local trailer park. "Sure, come look at it tomorrow,"  he said.  By 6pm on Tuesday, we had a handshake and a verbal deal.  Wednesday, I had called every moving company in a 50 mile radius and found our mover--ag…

Spaghetti Pizza Casserole

This is an old stand-by from my childhood. Dad used to always cook it up for us as kids.  Comfort food to the max. But all my ingredients are pronounceable and I do get the organic pasta, home-make my spaghetti sauce (and freeze in pints) to keep down the added sugar, and splurge on the nitrate free pepperoni.  You could easily substitute the pepperoni for a spicy sausage, which is much easier to make at home nitrate-free from organic ground-pork.

Spaghetti Pizza 1 package spaghetti or linguine noodles, cooked and drained (keep al dente)1 cup milk2 eggs1 jar spaghetti sauce (about 3-4 cups home-made)2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese (8 oz if you shred your own--which I do, to avoid the cellulose anti-caking stuff)1/2 package pepperoni (I try to get the nitrate-free kind if I can.  This meal stretches the meat, so I splurge on higher quality stuff) Preheat your oven to 350 degreesCook and drain your pastaWhisk together the milk and eggs, mix with the pre-cooked pasta and place in a grease…

Meal Planning: Week #6

I was smart and sat down to plan two weeks at once--both for my sanity (so much easier to just look at the plan) and also to get myself organized for twice the time in one sitting.

Note the repeats--trying to clear our the pantry, fridges, and freezers in preparation for the move. Also, casseroles, crock-pots and easily pre-prepped foods are high on our list, hence the pasta heaviness.  Paleo friends, I am sorry.

Breakfasts: Muffins and Oatmeal.  Smoothies and Shredded stuff.  You know our drill.Lunch: You guessed it, leftovers.Dinner Menu Sunday: Fish 'n Chips with Green Beans (Salmon with home-made french fries--so easy and we love it!  Plus, I'm trying to get salmon used up, and get used to the taste, so a consolation of some awesome fried french fries makes me happy).  We've been baking our salmon with some yummy creamy pesto sauce.Make the muffins for the week and get some yogurt going.  Our yogurt is home-made and wonderful for smoothies. I make it into Greek yogurt an…

Meal Planning: Week #5

Things have been RIDICULOUSLY busy here on the homestead!  We are definitely in go-mode now that we've found our trailer. Thirty days is what we've given ourselves to get it hooked up and remodeled before we move--and that also includes my packing everything up here in town as well!

To that end, meal planning has been very hectic.  Thankfully, I did take stock of my pantry and I really want to use up as much as I can so we don't have to move it.  So, I'm starting a self-challenge --how long can I go with a $50 food budget?!?!  Can I get through the entire month until the move? Time to clear out the cupboards!

And, I have a confession....we had been eating out a ton last week and my meal plan has gotten tossed out the window!  It's been ridiculously busy and with 12-15 hour days gone from home working, trailer hunting, trailer prepping, and trailer moving on all my "off work" days (normally spent catching up on cooking), this family has barely been home l…