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Farming Frustrations

**Disclaimer: this post contains medical/veterinary complaints and is gross.  You have been forewarned.**
I have been busy and I've been meaning to get a post up about the pig adventure that Dan's getting into.  Paddocks, wire, set up, food, water, fencing, plans, was all on my radar.

Then today happened.

Oh farming...that idyllic scene of pasture, man and beast living in symbiosis and harmony...until real life interjects and sucker punches you and you have to deal with something sad, gross, or both.

A prolapsed rectum.


After my stint at work, I awoke to Dan letting me know that one of the boars we were planning on breeding had an intestinal prolapse and that he was going to try to get it back in.   Off the bat, this condition takes that boar out of our breeding program as it is a genetic predisposition; however, we hoped to reduce the prolapse and at least raise him up to a good finish weight. After consulting some veterinary resources, trying my medical k…