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The Trailer Saga: End of Week #2 Updates

I simply CANNOT believe how much has happened on the homestead in TWO weeks!  I know that I have been stressed out, concerned, worried, and fretting over not meeting time tables.

Y'all.  This momma is pregnant--and everyone keeps asking if it's my due date.  I'm getting big and uncomfortable and I only have about 2 months before this little man makes his debut.  I want to be moved and settled.  Not delivering and having one house half packed up and the other half-finished.

It's at times like these that I remind myself: breathe.

And more than that, take a minute to look back at how far we've TWO weeks!

Two weeks ago, I was making a phone call on a Monday afternoon, asking a gentleman about his bright, neon green poster that he had up in a local trailer park. "Sure, come look at it tomorrow,"  he said.  By 6pm on Tuesday, we had a handshake and a verbal deal.  Wednesday, I had called every moving company in a 50 mile radius and found our mover--again verbal deal.  Thursday, we (i.e. mostly Dan) spent a long 14-hour day pulling off skirting and getting the thing prepped to move.  Friday was moving day and by day's end, we had our new home in position.  The weekend was for pow-wows, plan-making, and recovering from nearly 30-hours worth of work on 6 hours of sleep.  (Moving companies get there EARLY!!!)

Dan got the electric done on Monday, most of the water lines on Tuesday.  We had a few down days due to weather, outstanding jobs on Dan's docket, and waiting for the power company to turn on our service.  Some awesome friends came over on Friday and helped me get my house pre-packed for moving day--which is supposed to be in EIGHTEEN DAYS!!!!  AHHHHHH!!!

Ok... we're NOT freaking out.  We're going to count our successes (and less-than-successes).

Friday night saw a very cold, very failed attempt at sleeping out at our trailer.  As I posted on Facebook, a 6'2" man, a third-trimester pregnant woman, a 19-month old failing sleep monster, and a 45-lb dog do NOT all fit on a full-sized bed.  (We were piled on in an attempt to stay warm.  Warm we stayed, but asleep we did not.)

Dan was the level headed one of the group and called retreat at 3:30 a.m.  Pregnant, sleep-deprived, hormonal, disappointed me (I had planned for this overnight stay for 3 days, mind you, complete with food for the week-end all prepped and ready to go.) was relatively quickly swayed, but not without considerable grumblings.

Saturday and Sunday saw us refreshed.  And our trailer was all toasty and warm and welcoming.  Moving of a few walls and assessing some rot damage (that we were aware of) was accomplished.

Goals for this week:
  1. Finish moving electrical and re-paneling/drywalling the moved walls that now create an awesome master closet and a large, walk-in pantry. Yes, y'all, all this in a single-wide trailer.  Just you wait until it's finished. It will be awesome.
  2. Do kitchen and bathroom demo and prep. Remove old flooring. Take out the jacuzzi tub (bye-bye, 1999!).  And no, the pregnant woman has NOT lost her mind.  The thing very quite possibly leaks, has a massive draft under the unit, and is a perfect mouse hibernation area.  Trust me, I checked under the skirting of the tub and was not happy. Besides, I still have a tub and would rather have more space in the master bedroom since we took up part of it with a massive and awesome pantry.
  3. Get our ginormous materials shopping done and prepare for the 3-day marathon of remodeling. (Maximize that 10% off coupon!)
  4. Painting prep--remove fixtures, mirror "windows" from the 90s, take down extra hooks, knobs, and vanities, patch holes, clean walls.  Lay down the carpet protection 
  5. Prime EVERYTHING.  This will likely take two days. (I might be a bit ambitious....*fingers crossed*)
The Little Man, helping Daddy, as usual. 


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