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The Trailer Saga: Updates End of Week #4

Week #4 has basically finished with getting some essentials accomplished.  Dan finished rerouting water and drain lines and patching the roof to stop some of the leak problems that had cropped up.  This is the nature of homes...they leak and need maintenance.  For now, problem solved and a roof replacement (about due for any house) will be accomplished before next winter.

The big accomplishment for the week was getting our new floors installed.   Dan and I busted them out in ONE day.  We're pretty much awesome. They look GREAT and are so easy to clean--which is a must for living in the country with a dog and (almost) three boys on a farm.  Mud happens.  Be ready for it.

With the help of some awesome friends and family, we were able to get some large areas of painting done and get rid of the Greco-Grape wallpaper that was overtaking my kitchen and causing my new cherry floors to look purple!  I was NOT happy about having them look purple, lemme tell ya.  And, notice to the world, the vinyl-y wallpaper from the 1990s takes a LOT of coats of primer to cover.  It's pretty much gone after 3 coats  and when I finally have some time to relax and decide on my paint colors (I decided to give myself a more leisurely time to decide on colors I have to look at all the time), any lingering hints will be no more.

What hasn't gotten done? Lots. Painting bedrooms and bathrooms and pantry. My kitchen is non-existent. The skirting isn't on the trailer. Then there's my "would like to accomplish" list of the future, which we aren't even addressing here.

Myself and I have had some conversations this week.
Self, ultimately, is all this about having a turn-key trailer or is this about getting to move to the country?  
How long have we talked about moving to the country? Since we got married, 5+ years ago.
How long have I talked about having a perfect home to move into? A few months, maybe.
As I said to a friend this week, my type-A personality is getting a harsh pruning through this experience.  I hate not meeting goals, but I have to realize that I tend to set my goals ridiculously high--and then will raise the mental bar on myself at the last second to do more if I look like I'm about to meet my original goal.  A recipe for mental craziness, lemme tell ya.  Apparently, setting reasonable, moderate goals is not a strong point of mine--and I feel like I need to get better at this. Having some satisfaction at the end of the day for accomplishing what you set out to do is a healthy thing.

An appreciation and satisfaction with yourself for a job well done is oddly not something that I often experience.

Being stressed and disappointed that you didn't meet unacheivable goals is setting yourself up for failure and not a healthy place to be.  My brother-in-law apparently said that my mantra for life (after a crazy, all-day canning session of 80 quarts of applesauce, mind you) was "anything worth doing is worth over-doing."  As much as I hate to admit it, he was right.  Lesson to learn for Paige: Moderation. I should add that to my list of goals for 2014.  It seems pretty important.

Instead, I'm going to focus on essentials this week.  What do we need to live in the country THIS WEEK.
  1. A functional bathroom
  2. Running water
  3. Light fixtures so we can see
  4. Getting moved
And  here's what we (and by we, I mean mostly Dan) HAVE accomplished in ONE short month.
  1. Set up/move trailer
  2. Electrical hook-ups and turned on power
  3. Water lines rerouted
  4. Rot evaluated and nearly entirely repaired
  5. Pantry walls up/insulated/paneled and new door installed
  6. Master closet re-arranged and enlarged
  7. Electrical lines moved
  8. Jacuzzi tub out, floor repaired, carpet patched.
  9. Kitchen demo
  10. Bathroom demo
  11. Remove old flooring
  12. Primered main living areas
  13. New flooring installed
  14. And the "must-do" items for this week are right on schedule.
This is one benefit to a type-A, list-keeping personality. When you're having a mental-freak-out moment you can quickly and easily look back and realize just how far you've come and how much you HAVE gotten done.  To my wonderful husband who has worked tirelessly and put up with all my crazy, hormonal, third-trimester-pregnant, self-stressed-out, ridiculous me, thank you.  I appreciate it.  When, I've calmed down and had a good cry and talk myself down, mind you. ;)
My men, enjoying a walk by the pond.


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