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Back in the Saddle

It has been a WHILE!

What a long time since the last post. Happenings here on the home-front... (and a cute pic!)

1. Little Man has gotten big, and is set to be promoted to Big Man coming up next spring. (Never to quite make it to Biggest Man status, though!)

2. I'm still working in the ER full time. Rocking those nights, in a loose term of the word. At least I have a set schedule now, and I got a raise, boo-yah!

3. The country is calling--and looking much closer than we could have imagined at this point.  We had it on our 5+ year plan, but having Little Man has really emphasized to us how much we need to be out in the country, with loads of fresh air and dirt and time to play for him (and the new little man).

4. We've finished the rental project FINALLY.  Quite the learning experience with remodeling, dealing with local bureaucracy, learning to run a business, getting paperwork and financials in order, working with business partners, and more.  There were resounding successe…