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gDiapering updates

Dan and I were really excited about the gDiapers and everything was working great--until Peter magically hit about 11lbs.  He seemed to be right between sizes and he started leaking like mad.  I upped sizes, which seemed to help, but there were definitely a multitude of leaks and I had to keep him on his back during any nursing so as to avoid outfit changes for the both of us.

Thankfully, after some extensive research and help from some mommies on facebook, I had a bit of a lesson in cloth materials and their respective moisture absorbing capabilities. Apparently, the gCloth that we had been using works well for little micro pee's of little babies, but when they get bigger and start holding their bladder more, the hemp gets overwhelmed.  Ounce for ounce, hemp works a lot better than cotton as far as quantity of moisture absorbed, but it's a case of a tortise and the hare--slow and steady wins the race.  When you have a Speedy Gonzalez of a wetter, however, the hemp gets overwh…