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Off to Camp

Again, thank goodness for smart phones. Gives me something to do during nursing bursts. Well, we are currently sitting at a road stop, on our way to camp. So far, so good! He's been VERY good and slept most of the way. Here's hoping for another good couple of hours! Excited to take him where Dan and I met, catch up with friends, and meet some of the family he hasn't yet. Pray for nice weather!


So, Dan and I have actually several baby carriers, but at this point, baby Pete is just too small to wear on our back--which is what they're really made for. Wearing him on the front isn't very comfy for him, or me, and we have to readjust all the straps swapping back and forth between Dan and I. We decided to look into a wrap, like the moby wrap. I don't remember what prompted the interest...probably something to do with needing to have Peter with me, uneven terrain and arms needing to be freed up. After some YouTube videos, a mock-up test wrap we whipped up from a bedsheet, and some extensive research, we decided to get a real wrap. (Thank goodness for my smart phone. I can browse the web during my nursing marathons. He's been cluster feeding in the evenings--35-40mins of feeding per 90 minute period....and I've been chained to the couch).

Dan actually was the first to bust it out and actually it was helpful to me to see it on someone else. Peter LOVED it. Fell…

3 Week Check-up

Well, despite my initial hormonal, sleep-deprived, breast feeding frustration induced tears at his first doctor's visit when he had lost another ounce from discharge weight (7lb 8oz at discharge and a 5 day weight of 7lb 7oz in the office) and all of my worries proved to just be my neurotic, PA, over-educated-so-I-can-find-lots-of-random-things-to-worry-about-needlessly, type-A personality biting me in the butt. Despite my freaking out, he has been eating like a little piggie mom feels like a dairy cow, and we have been meeting all our dirty/wet diaper quota....and more importantly, we're growing like a weed!


So, Dan and I decided that as much as possible, we would try to buy and do things with Peter that would make hand-me-down material for any future kids, since we've always planned on having more than one. That's why we went with breast feeding, freezer trays, rather than expensive milk freezing bags, and why we chose gDiapers. With Peter, we're probably going to break even, maybe come out slightly ahead. Given his diapering rate, I'll say slightly ahead at this point--I underestimated the number of diapers we went through! Close to 200 in his first two weeks--about 12/day! And he does NOT like to stay wet. He will definitely let you know when he's ready to be changed.

The gDiapers were a little daunting in those first two weeks. I've decided that parenting is like juggling....add one thing at a time.  The first few weeks were full of learning how to be un-pregnant, breastfeeding, sleep-deprivation acclimation...time for the cloth diapers!

Well, we finally de…

Pippa and Pappaw come to visit!

This weekend mom and dad came down to visit Peter a bit more. The delivery day, they were down in a whirlwind visit with Zach and Katie but were only able to stay the day. As I wasn't getting out of the hospital for a few more days, the visit was pretty slow for them and they didn't get much holding time. Now that things are gradually settling down, Peter was more awake and ready for visitors. And we went for a walk and there were plenty of bottles to prepped for grandma feedings. :)

First Baby Bath

We had our first bath yesterday! Umbilical cord is all healed and we had to look spiffy for a wedding! At first there was the expected squawking, but Peter quickly settled down and I think he actually enjoyed it. He was appropriately tuckered out and then topped off with a bottle for being such a big boy. He slept through the ceremony perfectly and then was happy and awake for all his attention and visiting at the reception.

Zachary A.--Class of 2012

A little belated, but congrats to my little brother, Zach!  I can't believe that he's all grown up and off to college! 
You should have seen mom's antics getting Zach to smile for this picture.  I still remember her jumping around behind the camera man to get some baby pictures--and to get a smile out of a grumpy Zach.  It was one of those moments that an 8-year old found hilarious, but also somewhat embarrassing!

At Kentucky Kingdom.  "No, Mom! I can't not want that!"
And now, all grown up and dressed for prom.  Looking sharp!
Congrats! And good luck at OCU!  You'll knock 'em dead!

Welcome Peter James!!

Finally! Baby Peter was born on June 28, 2012 at 1:36pm and weighed 7lbs 14 oz. He exactly split the time between Dan and my birthdays....

The labor and delivery wasn't too bad, except for the hour and a half between breaking my water/cranking up the pitocin and finally getting my epidural!  I've decided that pitocin makes your feel like you're going to die...all in all, I'm ok with how things happened because healthy baby and no C-sections were my goals. Recovery has also been pleasantly manageable, with the biggest problem being breast feeding and the hormonal fluxes. I think I randomly cried more in the first week after Peter was born than I have on the past few years combined. Thankfully things are settling down and breast feeding is getting easier. It is NOT an easy or natural thing to accomplish and there is definitely a learning curve for both me and baby. We made good use of the lactation team at the hospital, and went back again for more help a few days lat…