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Baby Shower--Ohio

Mom and the two Cindy's tossed me a wonderful baby shower a few weeks ago!  Here is some of the food spread, though I missed snapping another picture after the addition of the chicken salad croissants, cheeseball, punch, veggie tray, and fruit salad.  Dan was very excited about leftovers.
 Here are a few decorations and the gift table.  Hannah had some things displayed when we had the shower at her home, and I copied her--and got to show off some of my cute baby clothes!

 Cindy's party favors--the pretzels were chocolate covered and in the shape of giraffe's.  Very cute!
 Getting a picture with some of the gifts.  There were tons more!  Thanks so much everyone!
 The giraffee diaper bag got a lot of appropriate "oohs" and "ahhs."
 Never too many bibs--especially cute ones!
And apparently never too many Hungry Caterpillar books either! Quite the classic! (And note little Alfonse, checking out the loot.  He's just breaking in the toys for Peter.)
 The "…

Baby Shower--Kentucky Style

Here are some update on Baby Pete!  Earlier this month, my lovely sister-in-law, Hannah hosted a baby shower for me with the help of a few of the friends.  We had a brunch--which was delicious and I was appreciative for the light food--helps minimize this heartburn!

Joanne and Hannah got some cute little clothes for decorations.
 Some of the cute onesies from a few of the girls down here.
 Instructions for Dan. "Daddy Proof." Hannah had a few games, namely "Guess the baby food."  A few of them tasted quite weird!  Elissa's face here is priceless!
The group pitched in and got me a travel system!  Ready to bring him home--craziness!  Enjoying some food and fellowship.  Thanks, ladies!  You all are the best!