Monday, January 30, 2012

Baby Room--On the cheap

Apparently, I'm really bad about keeping this thing updated. I'll probably be better once the baby gets here--will probably have to change my security setting, though, to keep grandparents happy about the safety of their first grandchild!

Here's the progress on the nursery!

The crib is a family heirloom--all the cousins on my dad's side used that crib, I believe!  Had all the furniture, too, which saved a ton.  Note that the wall isn't finished yet. There used to be a little accordion door going through to the family room that Dan closed off for me.  I have to finish the drywall mud and paint. Also, the crib is getting a fresh coat of paint, once it warms up enough outside for Dan to use his spray-gun painter.  The black square is a canvas that I tried to make into a cute light, but the white lights apparently have to be MINI lights and did NOT look good. I patched it up after slashing a few holes in it for the ill-fated lights and have reincarnated it as a chalkboard canvas.  If it doesn't work, I have a third idea, lol.

 An antique table from Dan's family.  The top is a metal/tin type, so great for easy clean up.  We'll toss a changing pad on there and we'll be good to go. I'm going to make little curtains for underneath so I can hide a hamper, trash can, etc.  I saved a ton on the crib bedding thus far and am going to make what I have to get yet, so my crib dust ruffle, the table skirt, my pillow covers, and my baby quilt will all coordinate.  The shelves were already in the house when we moved and will be great to store extra baby stuff--like wipes, powder, etc for the changing table!  I really like the dresser--it's actually a lingerie dresser, I think, but the smaller drawers will make it easier for me to organize and USE all of the cute baby clothes.  No lost clothes in the bottom of a massive dresser drawer for this baby!

Antique, family shelf that my grandpa on my Dad's side made.  I used it all my childhood.  I found perfectly sided little cubby drawers for it, so plenty of space to store more little things.  The giraffes I found at a thrift store and then found a perfectly matching third (and little elephant for the "dog" Molly) in my aunt's things.  The light is a string of white Christmas lights hung by little cup hooks and covered with a sheer curtain.  The rocker is again from my aunt's.  A new set of plush, cushions are orders and should be getting here this week. I figured $80 to make it comfy was a much better buy than $200 for a crappy Wal-Mart glider that falls apart easily. 

Grand total coming soon!