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It's been a busy last few weeks. The start of September saw the full-swing of back to work for me and visits from the lovely Hu's. We enjoyed their visit immensely, got to go out for a nice dinner with Peter for the first time, and had a good time all around. Hiking was a success as far as logistics but it was VERY hot.

Dan and I have been both working full time and keeping Peter home with one of us so we can avoid daycare--both in costs, plus it gives us one-on-one baby time and avoids extra germs. Thankfully, the rest of the mid levels are happy to have someone take all night shifts and Peter is good about sleeping through the night with minimal disruption. Usually, he sleeps until 10 or 11 and lets me get in about 4 solid hours, then we catnap the rest of the day. After we got him into a routine, it worked out well for both Dan and I. I

Dan is working furiously on the rental and wrangling constantly with local government beaureacracy. Its coming along nicely and has been …