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Baby Room--On the cheap

Apparently, I'm really bad about keeping this thing updated. I'll probably be better once the baby gets here--will probably have to change my security setting, though, to keep grandparents happy about the safety of their first grandchild!

Here's the progress on the nursery!

The crib is a family heirloom--all the cousins on my dad's side used that crib, I believe!  Had all the furniture, too, which saved a ton.  Note that the wall isn't finished yet. There used to be a little accordion door going through to the family room that Dan closed off for me.  I have to finish the drywall mud and paint. Also, the crib is getting a fresh coat of paint, once it warms up enough outside for Dan to use his spray-gun painter.  The black square is a canvas that I tried to make into a cute light, but the white lights apparently have to be MINI lights and did NOT look good. I patched it up after slashing a few holes in it for the ill-fated lights and have reincarnated it as a chalkboa…