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House Updates (November)

So apparently, I am my parents' daughter....I always try to accomplish big things before the holidays--especially when the family is visit HERE.   Conversation...

Me: So, I'd like to remodel the end of the family room, make some closets, lay some slate tile, move the washer/dryer, bust out a few walls and lay out our kitchen differently.  We have about 3 weeks.  Think it can be done?

Dan: Sure.

Here we are three weeks room sheet-rocked--no slate flooring down, fixtures needing to go up and drywall primer needing to be done.  Kitchen--walls busted down....that's about it.

Despite becoming a bigger project than we had anticipated due to some rot issues and shoddy electrical/plumbing, we both really enjoy the bigger kitchen.  Our previous kitchen footprint was a shabby 8'x8'.  Smaller than most BATHROOMS.

Hopefully, I can get all the dust cleaned up at least in time for the family!

Pictures soon, I promise.

We're expecting!

Ok, so "tomorrow" ended up being like two weeks later.  I have excuses I promise!

Dan and I are expecting and are very excited!  I'll be 7 weeks tomorrow.  We had thought about waiting to share the news, but it's our first and we have no reason to believe that things won't go smoothly. 

According to our dates, July 10th is our expected due date currently, though we're still waiting to hear when our initial ultrasound is to do the dates.  Probably, not until closer to Christmas on that though!

It's about time! We've had names picked out since we first got married! Time to put them to use!


Suuuuch a long time since I last posted, but it's been eventful.

Dan has been working on his business.  Seems that it's always feast or famine--but status quo for business owners, from what other tell us!  Personally, I don't mind at all.  I'd rather have him crazy busy at times, but still be in such control of his schedule so he can head with me on family trips.

September saw me starting my new job.  Still in the ER, but I love this one SO much!  It's literally a 10 minute drive from the house--or less if I hit traffic correctly.  The people are great, the acuity is high, the learning opportunities abound, and I'm spending 30-40 hours a month NOT on the road and able to have a social life again.  Definitely a very stress relieving change.

October was a bit of a hard month.  Dad was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and we spent a lot of trips up and down the road to Ohio, making it to doctor's visits.  Ultimately, we are hopeful and everyone is upbeat.  The…