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Rohe Woodworks, LLC

That's right!  It's official!  Dan is now a proud owner of said Rohe Woodworks, LLC.  Website and portfolio are currently under construction.  Congrats, Dan!  So proud of you!

Natural Swimming Pools

Since Dan and I moved to the south, we have been definitely impressed with the near need for a swimming pool or ready access to one.  However, having lived in a home that had one, we both recognized the considerable amount of work, expense and CHEMICALS involved in maintaining one.  It was ridiculous!  Not only are chemicals expensive, they ARE pretty harsh on you and the skin...and eyes....and hair....

So, I was excited when I got an article from Mother Earth News on Natural Swimming pools.  The concept is actually quite sound and as the slideshow (later) outlines, it stands up to the GERMAN standards of cleanliness.  Let me tell you, the Germans have Americans beat on all things health and cleanliness.  And that's saying something, coming from a medical provider!  So, if the Germans gave it their stamp of approval, it has mine (and automatically Dan's, as he touts their design superiority to the heavens). Click on the pictures below for links to articles, videos, and slidesh…

House Updates (or at least the yard)

I thought I'd give a bit of an update on the house!  When we moved it, the back yard had ZERO grass, and about 5 years worth of leaves and stupid spiky balls. (I have officially decided that all sweet gum trees should be cursed and that THEY should have a boll weevil or some such destructive insect to chew them all down.)

Here's a before--which is still an improvement over what we moved in to (i.e. all the leaves and gum balls are picked up).  As you can see, no grass.  There were stepping stones in an oval pattern that we moved, none of the brick that you see was there, definitely none of the mulch...
And here's where we stand currently....

Grass planted, edging done, about 3 cubic YARDS of mulch laid, perennials put down.

Happy Birthday, Dan!

Happy Birthday, to my wonderful husband!  I can't believe that this is already the fourth birthday that we've celebrated together!

Tonight--Thai food.  Because as much as Dan loves to tease his asian-obsessed sister, I think he has a little (Cauc)asian in him too.  ;)

Next weekend, we're having a family birthday party as well, with some of Dan's favorite things--swimming and boats.