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ER Lesson of the Day

ER Lesson of the Day: It is not necessary to set an alarm for 2 a.m. and sneak attack your child to determine if they have pinworms. Furthermore, if you are concerned, waiting until morning to see your pediatrician is an equally effective treatment option--especially if your child is grouchy when sleep-deprived.  Please don't immediately run to the ER at 2:05 a.m.

ER Lesson of the Day

ER Lesson of the Day: After reiterating to me easily fifteen times that "she's a very sick little girl" and giving me a very sober look, I'm very unlikely to believe you if you start taking pictures like the paparazzi as soon as I start listening to her heart. Stating, "it's for her scrapbook" does not help the case any either.


Oh my goodness!  How the time flies!  I apologize to my blog-readers....I promise that we haven't fallen off the face of the earth, we've just been quite busy (shock, I know).


Dan and I decided to start looking for a house back in January. Initially, it was pretty casual and we told our land-lady, Frances, (who is also a realtor--lucky for us!) that we're going to start looking for a fixer-upper.  Well, one day she dropped a house off by our door to look at.  We were initially quite interested but before we got a contract in, it was already gone.  Well, the disappointment spurred us on a bit more seriously to look at more houses.  About 30 property views later, we finally found this house!

It was exactly what we thought we DIDN'T want.  Adorable, basically finished. Needing little to no work.  We were planning on a fixer-upper.

But every other house we looked at after this, Dan kept saying "I really liked the other one better..."…