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Mr. Mom

For quite some time Dan and I have been discussing how we'd like to order our family, especially regarding kids.  (To aspiring grandmothers out there, no, I am not pregnant nor will I be in the forseeable future.  My mom can tell you that I always plan 10 years in advance for things, so this is not unusual behavior for me.)

We've definitely decided that one of us needs to be home with the kids.  With the country life that we'd like to have, between childcare, house-work, farm-work, and even possible homeschooling in the future, it just doesn't make sense to hire someone else to do that for us.  We'd basically spend one of our incomes on all those things if it were hired and no one will pay more attention to detail and care of our home and household than one of us.

However, we've not been very decided on whom shall be the primary bread winner.  Personally, I doubt that I'll be able to 100% leave the medical world and be stay at home mom.  Dan also enjoys wor…

Paige's Highlights

1. Making your own beauty products. I have posted before on this, but I wanted to share a few new ones that they've talked about on M  A great recipe for bubble bath (have yet to try) and tooth powder.  I have actually heard that this powder is much better for you than toothpaste--better cleaning, simpler, and doesn't contain sugar like most of the store-bought toothpastes do.

2. Harvesting Sweet Potatoes (and other root crops).  I was just reading through this little post by MEN on sweet potatoes.  They're simple to harvest--dig 'em up!  But most people forget the curing part.  Regular potatoes and I believe onions and garlic also should be cured before storing them away for the winter.

3. Mystery Blanket.  Recently, I saw this fun crochet tutorial put on by Bernat--I decided that I already have too many unfinished knitting/crochet projects than I know what to do with, so I'm going to pass on this one.  A piece to practice with though!  Enjoy…

ER Lesson of the Day

ER Lesson of the Day When it comes to defining "emergency," that's my job. Throwing a temper tantrum, harassing the nurses, or badgering the clerk will not make me change my mind. Oh, and btw, I get to choose your pain medication, not you. That's why I went to school and have a PA-C.

ER Lesson of the Day

ER Lesson of the Day: Coming to the ER in scrubs: Check. Claiming you're a doctor of 29 years: Check. Being able to spout off medical-ese and sound believeable: Check. Claiming you're also God: Fail. Few doctors TRULY believe they are God, contrary to popular belief. Diagnosis: CRAZY!