Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Day One

Ladies and gentlemen, I have hit the workforce!  This is from my first shift a few weeks ago, working as a PA in the ED!  Awesome times!

 And me with all my VERY expensive pieces of paper.  The NCCPA certificate is ostentatiously HUGE, haha.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Cabin de Rohe

July was mostly spent building our own cabin at the church camp where Dan and I met.  Here are some pictures of the work that Dan and I did!  I'm very proud of the fact that just the two of us build our cabin--and apparently it was some sort of camp record--12 days!

Here it is, somewhere about day 4 or 5.  

And the finished product.

Interior.  We made an extended loft, so it's large enough for a queen and a full sized bed, leaving lots of floor space for us.

On our front porch, getting ready to head home.  Now, time for a full-sized house, Dan! :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

We need name ideas!

As I mentioned in my last post, we lost our mini-van, Dudley back in July.  We were LITERALLY on the road 20 minutes outside of our little town on our way to Camp Sychar to build them some decks when he started slipping making odd noise.  I managed to baby him back home and when the engine got quiet at every stop-light, there was a very sickening gurgling and flowing water sound coming from somewhere behind that dash.

When we looked under the hood, his transmission and radiator and decided that they were tired of their respective fluids and wanted to swap them....one word:  BAD.  To be honest, Dan was almost happy...Dudley was a good local van, but he had had a decent amount of troubles and we were always nervous about driving him places, afraid that he would decide to die on us and leave us stranded.

Sooo, we tossed the most necessary items into our little Neon and headed back up the road and figured we'd deal with him when we got back....a month passsed, mostly spent in Ohio building our own cabin at camp and counseling 130 high and junior-high school kids.

Luckily, we procrastinated long enough and our good friend from Camp was telling us how he was wanting to sell him Jeep.  Specifics were discussed, he gave us a good deal and a week later, when we were all back in KY, we swapped the deed.  Now Dan just needs a good trailer for his tools. :)  AND a name for his new truck...we always name our cars!  (Though I guess that we never did name the Neon...)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Forgive me blog-land

Many of you will have noticed the appalling lack of postings the past few month...we have been a remarkably busy couple!  Quick recap:

May saw us with...
  • Our Two-year anniversary :)
  • Last rotation
  • Graduation from PA school
  • Family vacation
  • Moving to Kentucky
  • Settling into our new home
  • Helping a new friend move
  • Studying for boards

June saw us with...
  • Sadness, with the death of my grandfather
  • Celebration with my birthday and my parents' 25th wedding anniversary 
  • ("Sunrise, Sunset" comes to mind for some reason)
  • Stress of taking my boards
  • Ecstasy of PASSING said boards
  • A job offer--WHAT I wanted to do, WHERE I wanted to do it, for much MORE than I was expecting to be paid
  •  My sister-in-law's beautiful wedding a bit of a family reunion

July saw us with...
  • Some volunteer work building decks at the church camp where Dan and I met
  • 4th of July festivities with my side of the family
  • Which turned into building our own cabin (just with our own four hands, quite proud of that fact) in a little under two weeks
  • Dan's birthday
  • Many trips to the local ice cream place, The Dairy, around nailing boards or handing siding (If you live in or around Mount Vernon, Oh, please go...it's delicious and the prices cannot be beat!)
  • Camp counseling at the previously mentioned church camp
  • The death of our beloved (be-hated) van, Dudley :(
 And here it is August
  • Poor Dudley has gone to the car grave-yard
  • Bought Dan's his new baby Jeep (name still percolating)
  • Excitement about getting credentialed
  • Disappointment by politics stalling said credentialing
  • Signing my first contract
  • Actually GETTING credentialing at another hospital
  • And my first few days of FOR-REAL work that I've been working for for the past six years!
It's been busy folks!  Pictures going up over the next few days!