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Breakfast Baby Quiches

Although, I didn't get around to trying this recipe, the pastry it what caught my attention.  So simple, versatile, yet scrumptious--and perfect for Baby Breakfast Quiches

For this, I used the pastry recipe from Fudge Brownie Tartlets from

Then just press into a cupcake tin, and make according to my Quiche recipe.

I found that I only had to bake for ______ minutes!  Enjoy!

Summer Happenings!

Howdy blog-land!  Sorry for not keeping this up!  It's been a busy couple of months!

June saw us settling into our wonderful new home, passing boards, getting jobs, Dan's wonderful craftmanship of night stands and hope chests, jacking up gazebos, getting Dan's construction and remodeling business started, and celebrating Hannah and Brett's wedding!  

July has been just as busy and is full of building fire escape decks/exits for Camp Sychar (where Dan and I met), the 4th of July celebrations, the death of our Dodge minivan Dudley, and upcoming building of our very own cabin at camp!   Dan and I are VERY excited to have a little space of our own at camp and somewhere that we can have guests stay when they visit camp as well! We've been working on it for about a week now, and we have the walls up, roofed, windows installed, and doors dry-fitted.  We're headed back down there tomorrow to finish it up--just in time for camp!