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Time to Catch up!

Wow!  It's been a busy few weeks and I am woefully behind on pictures and updates.

I finished PA school last weekend and since then Dan and I have been traipsing all over the countryside.  As soon as we got home from our celebratory dinner with the family after commencement the packing began.  Saturday and Sunday saw us packing up our apartment and spending some time with friends at a little going-a-way party.  Monday was loading up our U-Haul, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were driving.  We helped one of our new friends in Kentucky move on Friday and are still unpacking, shuffling things back and forth between here and storage, and settling in to our new home here in Lexington, KY.  It has been busy guys, but we have been very blessed.

Dan and I found a LOVELY Christian lady to rent a room from for these first few months.  Her home is beautiful and she is utterly welcoming.  We have been reveling in the fact that we have a pool and very nice A/C for us as we're little accu…

May 22, 2010

This is the day Dan and I have been working towards for these past two years.  Two years ago, we were a new couple of 12 days, probably having a new marital couple's spat about something no one every remembers, borne out of the stress of moving with no housing arrangements and living out of a Motel 8 for a week (Dan witnessed at some point that week a power walking spurt that would put the Olympic speed-walkers to shame, haha.)....Obviously, we've come a long way and accomplished a great deal....

Two years...
Two lives...
One marriage...
One goal...completed.


To my wonderful husband, without whom I never could have done this, thank you--for putting up with my stress, my freak-outs, my panic, my procrastination, my absence, and  my instability.  For traipsing all over the country-side for me, getting the lunches packed as we rushed out the door in the morning, for keeping us in a stable financial situation despite the frigid Maine winters and random work schedule…


Ladies and Gentlemen....

Drumroll please!

After spending the last two ridiculously hard years and tried to cram 4+ years of medical school into two, I have official FINISHED my last assisgment for PA school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get tomorrow off, and will be celebrating with my hooding ceremony and graduation this weekend.

I thought this day would never never never come.  :-D

To love...or hate.

I'm talking about credit cards.  Recently, Dan told me a statistic that the average American household owes over $15,000 in credit card debt.  They're sneaky things and everyone knows that it's so much easier to whip out a piece of plastic as opposed to count out the cold hard cash, but utilized correctly, credit cards can be mastered and actually be a positive.

For example, Dan and I have only students loans (graduation coming up, ouch) and credit cards to base our credit report off of.  All of my loans are currently in deferment, doing little for the rating, and all of Dan's were small and quickly paid off.  Our rent is paid privately to a family, not a business, so it's not reported or able to wield positive influence on our rating.  So all that really leaves is our credit card.    I've had the card for probably close to 6 years now and have only used it as float--putting every possible purchase on it and paying it off IN FULL every month.  And luckily for u…

Beef Stroganoff

Dan and I aren't much of beef eaters, unless it's a good steak or ground beef in some lasagna.  However, I did find a recipe that we both really enjoyed.  I've really been enjoying the entries in Simply Recipes.  A couple days ago, I made their Beef Stroganoff and Simple Peas with Onions.

The two went together nicely.  Also a good batch of home-made mashed potatoes is just the thing to serve the Beef Stroganoff over, along with using up the last of the sour cream.  It didn't turn out to have as dark a sauce as I was expecting, but it was definitely good!

Braised Onions

When I tried my hand at Beef Bouvignon, I stumbled across probably one of my favorite things--Braised Onions.  They were incoporated into the larger recipe, but Dan and I were in awe and were shocked that we had gone twenty some odd years of our lives without ever having had them!

Here's a recipe from Simply Recipes, though the concept is painfully simple.  We used the brown way of cooking them.  Mmm...Mm....

Also, I was curious as to how the pearl onions differed from regular onions (where they just baby onions, or what?), so a little research has proved to be fruitful.

It's actually the "flower" of an Egyptian Onion (also known as the Tree Onion and Walking Onion).  It's a remarkably useful plant!  I think I'll be using this one primarily when I finally get that garden!  Plus it's a perennial! :)


Today is the commemoration of when I married my best friend.  Two short years later, here we still are--and so much we've accomplished together!  PA school is quickly coming to a close, we have a new place to settle and call home on our horizons, Dan has gained both work and business experience, and we've both grown so much.

I love you, Dan!  Happy Anniversary! 

Pah-ked my Cah in Hah-vard Yah-d.

Last weekend Dan and I visited his super smart sister, at Harvard and wandered around China town.

Fun times!