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Land of the Free? Lemme think about that...

Ok, so sometimes Facebook serves another purpose other than simply to wander around in the social worlds of my friends....

I was on the website earlier this week and noticed they had a group entitled "Protect your Heirlooms if you care about your future!"  Intrigued, I looked at the group and found out that the House of Representatives, in addition to completely giving us a joke of a health care reform (but don't get me started on THAT), has had a bill on the table, HR 875 to be exact, (check out the link to read the bill yourself...I was appalled at how MUCH it nothing "personal/home-use" anymore?) that would basically make it illegal to grow HEIRLOOM plants!  Can you believe it!  The plants that our grandparents grew, reknown for their superior flavor and nutrition would be outlawed.  For more information (though, I make the disclaimer that it's HUGELY biased, check out this website.)

Now, this would all be done under the guise of "improving" the "safety" of our food supply, but this wouldn't even allow for home-grown and home-consumption of heirloom varieties, not to mention, it would in effect kill the organic food movement, if it passed.

Thankfully, it has not....

So, keep after our government to quit being idiots and make sure you make your voice heard in the next elections.  As we'd say in spanish, "ay, Dios mio...."  (with a huge sigh)


  1. This is what happens when partisanship takes precedence over good sense.

  2. Keep digging and you will realize that the government is working (some consciously and others unconsciously) to make the majority of us die slow and painful deaths through poisoning our food, water, air, and making it nearly impossible to live out of debt destroying our individual freedoms in order to create a one world government through the United Nations. Basically this is an attempt to ensure everyone is eating malnutricious, GMO, Pesticide dipped, hormone injected, Monsanto (ugh) branded food. It is extremely depressing so don’t research much further unless your prepared to be clinically depressed for about a month at the least.


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