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Human Energy

Well, this was going to be a "Paige's Highlights" entry, but it just grew too large. :)

Although my craze about solar energy is somewhat new, I've always wondered about harnessing human energy.  The other day a doggie treadmill used to grind wheat popped up on the Antiques Roadshow and it reminded me of my work-out ponderings--likely an odd idea that I came up while bored on some gym machine, "wasting" all those calories, knowing that they could be turned into other energy forms, according to my chemistry musings.  I decided to google my interest...

Well, my fruit proved fruitful:

Pedal Power Bicycle Generators, LLC
David Butcher: Pedal Powered Generator
Bicycle Powered Generator

Pedal Power is a company that sells a converter kit for what appears to be your average road bike.  It's a bit pricey, but no more than a mid-grade treadmill--and rather than COST you electricity to operate, it MAKES you energy (not to mention, the exercise will improve your cardiovascular health, your physique, and increase your insulin sensitivity thereby reducing your chance of developing diabetes, prevent the onset of obesity that is linked to heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, hip and knee disorders, and fill your body with mood-elevating endorphins...need another reason?).  I've asked Dan for this as a birthday/anniversary present the next time he's wondering what I REALLY want--it's just so much more motivating to work out if I know I'm being productive beyond the health benefits.

David Butcher has a great website of a day powered by pedal power generators.  From making bread to powering his computer to the work out of a load of laundry, he has extensive entries and data.  PLEASE NOTE:  If you're of the DIY persuasion, he has a plan set for a home-made PPPG, as he dubs it, that is $50 for the plans, and the approximate cost for the "bike" maxes out around $250--total cost about $300 less than the prefab converter units from Pedal Power Bicycle Generators, LLC, above.  If you just want the converter and want a green alternative to a work-out piece of equipment, the other idea might be better for you.

Bicycle Powered Generator is simply that, a home-make conversion system for a home bike.  If you want to keep things simple and not make an additional, second unit but just use the bike you already have, this is a good DIY option for something similar to what Pedal Power Bicycle Generators sell.

I've never been more excited to work out!

 That's David Butcher--check out his website!


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