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Filling up the Larder

Cluck, Moo, Oink, and Baa

A few of my favorites for raising animals the way it used to be done--grass and fresh air! GENERAL INFORMATIONEat Wild.comBarnyard in your Backyard by Gail DamerowSmall-Scale Livestock Farming: A Grass-Based Approach... by Carol EkariusAmerican Livestock Breeds ConservatoryCHICKENS/POULTRY
McMurray Hatchery -- Supplier of mail order poultry.Meyer Hatchery -- Mail-order poultry supplier
Paturing Turkeys (article)Chicken Tractor Design I likeAPPPA: American Pastured Poultry Producers Assoc.
Raising Poultry on Pasture: Ten Years of Success ed. by Jody Padgham (book) The Deliberate Agrarian on Turkey Raising. See his links as well!Comfrey--Turkey Feed by Mother Earth NewsCaponizing--"Chicken Castration" Feeding Chickens from Your Own Farm by TheModernHomesteadPoultry Writings by TheModernHomestead--everything you ever wanted to know about raising your own chickens. I HIGHLY recommend it!
Dust Baths--wood ash, sand, maybe some DE....don't forget :)
The American Dexter Assoc…

All Things Greenthumb

A list of some of my favorite gardening resources.

Heirloom Acres -- heirloom seeds and some plantsPark Seed -- flower, fruit, and vegetable seeds. Also some plants.)Ronniger Potato Farm -- potato startsStark Brothers -- orchard trees, grapes, root crops, etc.Fruits and Berries.comTrees of Antiquity--Heirloom Orchard Trees, Berries, and NutsRichters--A supplier of some of the rarer herbs. Also--the elusive comfrey!
GardenGuides.comThe Victory GardenCover Crops by Mother Earth NewsGreenhouse Gardening by The Modern HomesteadEverything You'd Ever Need to Know on Garlic by Mother Earth NewsGarlic Cultivation by Granny Miller
Crockett's Victory GardenINSECTS--The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Mason Bees--Article "How to Raise and Manage Orchard Mason Bees for the Home Garden"Mason Bee HouseA 95-Page Guide on Managing Mason BeesFarmscaping to enchange Biological Control. A 40-page guide to encouraging beneficial insects and foiling harmful on…

Hobby/Traditional Farming

As kids, Dan and I both poured over the Back to Basics book--and here we are years later still wanting to try all the things we read about! I've gradually been reorganizing all my random links and resources and websites that I've come across over the years for the kind of lifestyle that Dan and I would like to have once we get past all this school business. For the books, I've either read them or they've come highly recommended. I'll have the links posted to the side, for easy access later on. Over the next few days I'll be posting entries on gardening, raising animals, and preserving all your hard work!

Mini Farm HomesteadingHobby Farms.comMother Earth News
Land to Feed a Family CalculationLand for Self Sufficiency CalculationGenerate your own PowerAmerican Livestock Breeds ConservancyGrit--Sister publication to Mother Earth News. A wonderful resource.
Franciscan Family FarmsSelf Sufficient Life
The Midland Agrarian
Back to Basics -- The book tha…

Terrific Day!

Well, I JUST have to share how lovely my day has been! Despite having to get up at 2:45a.m. for this surgery rotation, I'm had a "smashing" day as they say here on the Cape.

First of all, it started out with a bowl of Kix. It might just be me, but I LOVE Kix and I haven't had it since I was a kid.

Second, I had a chance to practice my spanish since our cheif medical resident is from Colombia. Definitely not one of the horror stories of pompus surgical residents!

Next, after several days of endearing myself with the Anesthesia department and despite the naysayers of my preceptors who said not to hold my breath, I managed to wheedle not ONE, but TWO intubations out of them. And, now I'm their pet student and they're pulling me all over the place to see more things and practice more! :) Can't hurt to ask!

I also talked with my surgical resident and next case he has, he's going to let me do the closing sutures and practice. Again, can't hurt to ask…


So, what does a young, frugal, practically-minded couple buy each other for their birthdays? Necessities, and this time they were clothes! I finally took Dan out and got him to vastly increase his wardrobe of nice clothes! Thank goodness for Gabriel Brothers. We found so many great things and after only a bit over an hour and about 3 trips to the dressing room, he had 4 pairs of cargo shorts (nearly all of which came with extra belts!), and literally 15 new shirts--and the damage was less than $120 for the whole kit and caboodle! Definitely a non-shopping-inclined man's paradise. He's been looking extra especially handsome these days. ;)

I also made out earlier that week--about 6 camis and a dress shirt for under $25! Also, Dan bought me some really nice shoes that I had been wanting/needing for work. Danskos are amazing and keep me going after 10 or so hours on my feet--definitely worth every penny!

On the Cape

With all the 14 and 16 hour days that I've been putting in, or will begin to next week, the one nice thing about being out here on the Cape, away from Dan, working my butt off, not in my own apartment that I'm paying a pretty penny for is that at the end of the day when I walk out to my car I can smell the ocean. And when I get up in the morning, while it's still barely dawn, I can hear the waves. :)

Job Offers

So the hunt begins... I received two job offers at my last rotataion in Ohio, but Dan and I really really really want to move to Kentucky, so I've been putting feelers out already down there. So far I've put in phone calls to four different hospitals around Lexington, Richmond, Harrodsburg, and Danville--I've only heard back from one, but we'll see what happens in the next week or so. I'll give them some time, then really start hounding them around Christmas or Thanksgiving--right about the time a physician starts thinking how they might want some extra help. :)

The one that I did hear back from was at James B. Haggin Hospital and was really nice and encouraged me to sent him my CV/resume. To be honest, the call was a little disappointing, but that's just because they apparently don't use a lot of PAs in that area. He did give me some good pointers and some other people to call. And he did want my information down the road and he said that he'd keep…


I figured I'd best give a bit of a warning. I am about to go into the most hectic rotation of my life, I believe. I arrive to my surgery rotation and my preceptor promptly informs me that I'll be working 6-6 this week, then next week and the two after I'll be working 4 AM to 6 PM. That's right....14 HOUR days. I think I've already decided that I won't be a surgery PA. Then again, both of my PAs work three 12 hour shifts, so that's not as bad. Whew...we'll see how this goes.

Anyway, posting will likely be sparse, or only on weekends. Wish me luck and pray that I don't get sick! See you after all this craziness!

They're getting hitched!

This weekend Joanne and Rob are getting married--finally! Congrats, you two!

Now, off to figure out the last of my to-do list...hmmmm...

I want one!!!

Well, here's a video of the last of the puppies that Dan's family had! She's SOOOO cute! She's a goldendoodle and is exactly the kind of dog that Dan and I had been talking about year about graduation time would make a perfect time to get one from another spring litter, since we'll have a house of our own by then and we'll both be settled to train it!


Well, today Dan and I officially became owners of a new car--new to us anyway! Last Christmas, Dan's sister Hannah decided to sell Dudley and blessed us with a wonderful deal! Now that we're both in the same place again when we can get the title notarized, we're officially Dudley's new owners.

Put in your requests!

So, now that graduation is getting ever closer and Dan and I are starting to seriously make plans as to where and when we're moving, we've been making lists of last lingering things to move out of our parents' homes. One thing high on my list is all those plants I've been taking care of over the years! :) Here's our shopping list--if we move to KY, let me know what you want and I'll bring you some starts! (I've added links, too, so you have have a preview!)

Trees and Shrubs--I'll be bringing newly rooted cuttings
Highbush cranberry treeAlternate-leaf Dogwood (also called a Pagoda Dogwood)Mock Orange bush, old fashioned variety. (VERY fragrant!)
Old-Fashioned LilacsRed Raspberries
Hostas, variegatedIrisesTigerliliesRhubarbPerennial Ornamental Grasses

Lemon Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce

Dan isn't much of a cake kind of guy, but he loves his pies! In honor of his birthday, we made a Rhubarb-Strawberry pie, an Apple Pie, and I decided to experiment with a Lemon Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce
I used this recipe for the Lemon Cheesecake and just tossed all four eggs in since I wasn't making the glaze.

Then, I made a Raspberry Sauce from this recipe. We ended up straining the puree through some cheesecake--it makes MORE than enough for two pies, so I'm sure you could cut the recipe in half. It was wonderful and soaked into the cheesecake, but I think it could use some thickening. Next time, I'm going to try cooking it a bit and adding some cornstarch.

Happy Birthday, Dan!

Flowers for the Fourth

Kingwood--one of my favorite places. There's always something new every time you go, even if it's some tropicals toughing out the winter in the greenhouses. This time, roses, day lilies, clematis, and poppies were on center stage. Have a Happy Fourth!

Unbridled Spirit?

Sooo....we want (in no particular order) a place...
...with a decent economy where we can find jobs....with a demand or a market in which Dan can build a business in carpentry and fine woodworking....where Dan won't be in sub-freezing temperatures for 4+ months out of the year, working outdoors....where we can settle and stay, so Dan can manage his rental properties. :) ...with family and friends close-by for Christian fellowship....where Southern hospitality is a way of life.... where land prices are not too high, as we'd like to have our own little hobby farm and grow/raise our own foods. ...with a long growing season, to enjoy the outdoors and have an active family....where we'd like our children to grow up, with a good sub-culture and school system...where the nuclear family and hard work is still appreciated. ...where there will be opportunities for our children in future years....where the school system is well-rated, since we're not sure yet about homeschooling v…