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Show me the....APPLE PIE!

I've mentioned multiple times how New England is just much more different than the "good ol' Southern hospitality" that I grew up with/reminiscing about. It's not that Mainer's aren't friendly, it's just that they tend to keep you at arm's length. Visiting with friends is more done "out" at a restaurant or an event, not "in" at home, on the porch, or around the dinner table. Even though my travels to Latin America had me in an entirely different culture and language, they also had this same value of "breaking bread" with friends and family. I never visited anywhere without a veritable feast prepared. In some ways, I felt more at home there than I have in another region of my own country. This past week was no exception.

One of my classmates and his wife just had a baby and since we're at the same site, we've seen a lot of each other the past few weeks. I saw some of the news on Facebook and mentioned bringing in some food, but obviously the new daddy was pretty busy and didn't see my post. When I saw him back at rotations about a week later, I jokingly asked when I should bring over dinner, wondering if they were up to their ears in leftovers (a down-side that I always remembered vividly when my youngest brother was born). My query was met with a blank stare.... Much family was in the area, both of them were local and had many friends....and no one had brought any food!

Needless to say, I was agast. I've never lived anywhere where any momentous occasion wasn't duly surrounded with food. Births, you bet. Graduations, grazing for sure. Weddings, no doubt. Even non-joyous occasions like funerals had people bringing over their comfort foods, relieving the family of the additional burden of cooking. As morbid as it may sound, I will always relate the most amazing cheezy potatoes I've ever had to my grandmother's passing.

Even the PA from Great Britain commented on this lack of food, saying (imagine the accent, please) "Yeah, what's the deal? I come across the pond, expecting neighbors greeting me at my door, apple pie in hand, extra vegetables--but nothing! I want PIE! Where's the bloody APPLE PIE!"

To which I laughingly replied..."we need to get you down south."

p.s. Mike and Amy enjoyed Pork Chops and stuffing with rice, corn, and green beans, and home-made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for dessert, just in case you were wondering. :) Recipe upcoming for the cookies--I can't believe I haven't posted them yet!


  1. So sad! :( At least they got dinner from you!

  2. Hey! I finally looked at the deliberate agrarian and OH MY GOODNESS what an amazing resource!! And all from a christian perspective!! I LOVVVVEE IT! Sent a link out to our entire farm & garden project group. Thanks!! :)

  3. Isn't it though! I LOOOOOOOOOVE it! I'm still reading through old archives!

  4. Lol, to protect Dan's manhood---I accidentally posted as him, above.


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