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Keep those Engines Humming...

Ug...I hate how expensive car repairs can be! I can't complain TOOO much, though, because Dan and I have never made a car payment in our lives and we own two cars (and a motorcycle). We've been wonderfully blessed with a wedding gift of a car, and a such a cheap price from a family member on our other vehicle, it might've well been a gift!

So, the Neon was in need of some sort of a valve replaced. $230 and 4 hours later is a an annoying feeling--especially, when the check-engine light comes on again two days after it was in the shop. Dan did take it in again and they hooked it up--apparently Dodge's are notorious for check-engine lights after filling up the gas tank. Give it AT LEAST three clicks or else it will come on. At least something wasn't wrong with it--and we have the inspection sticker all squared away until we move next year! :)

And poor Dudley...he went ker-plunk on us a few weeks ago and Dan and I have been dawdling getting him repaired. (It was an interesting morning, let me tell you. First day of a new rotation, hit every bit of construction in Portland, ridiculous traffic, no toll money, no gas, then a broken down car....I was over an hour late, despite leaving so I'd still arrive 20 minutes early...) Anyway, the shop said that he needed a new timing belt. Apparently ours was really out of alignment and all messed it; but they were really nice (and I think they remember us after all our trips in with the Neon) and also offered to replace the water pump. It was getting old and since they would've had to take it all apart ANYWAY it's only an extra $100 now as opposed to $600 for the timing belt now, then another $600 when the water pump decides to bite the dust. I'm so happy that we seem to have found an honest mechanic shop--it's so sad that they seem so few and far between these days. So, $700 later and he runs so nicely again. :) Now, to figure out how to replace window motors and rear license plate lights (all have to be operational to get an inspection sticker...bleh. Have I said "get me out of New England" yet?) ;)

Now as to that motorcycle...maybe we'll just wait until next spring...


  1. Oh I totally understand. We had both vehicles break down within a week of each other in July. What a painfully costly month! I was driving both times w/out a cell phone so finding a phone to call the tow truck was "fun." ;) When they towed in our second car the guys at the automotive shop said, "you AGAIN?"
    I'm so sorry for your troubles. As for the motorcycle we've got an old Honda cx650 (somethin or other) that is sitting in our garage. If you're ever in TX...;)

  2. Haha, well..we actually have a motorcycle already, it's just having alternator/magneeto problems, we think. It works, but you have to plug it into the wall so it'll have enough juice to get started,, we're waiting to replace that for a bit yet. :)


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