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I think I've found a little bit of heaven...

Ok, maybe that's pushing it a bit, but what else is a girl, longing for the country and some good time playing in the dirt, climbing a few trees, and feeding some animals do when she's cooped up in suburbia, sad to see her last bits of summer slipping away to the ever encroaching Northern New England winter? DREAM! And for those of you who know me at all--PLAN! (No comment, Dan. *stern look*)

So, as I sit in my little apartment on my day off, with really not too much to do and all by my lonesome since the man is bringing home the bacon--Dan's been visibly getting stressed by all the food I've been cooking up the past few days and the ritual of trying to find SOMEWHERE in our undersized refrigerator for all the leftovers has left him more frazzled after countless times of doing the dance. You know--the dance when you have to jump like a spider on a hot stove when a frozen block of something you thought was nicely wedged in actually was just waiting for your unsuspecting feet the next time you opened the door. Cooking is out. (Bruised toes of the Rohe household, rejoice!)

What else could I do? My garden consists of a couple of pots on our patio. Yard work--basically non-existent. The house could be cleaned or organized a bit, but that might take me all of 20 minutes if I dawdle..... *sigh*

We'll I guess I'll see how long I'll be satisfied by living vicariously through the blogs of those fortunate enough to be in their bit of pastoral paradise, errr...that is...surfing the web, finding good websites and adding to my "master lists"--aka, my poorly-veiled effort to keep all my websites of knowledge organized (please don't roll your eyes....I quit arranging my t-shirts by color in junior high) and accessible for when the day comes when I have my quarter-acre garden and my family threatens to leave unless I find a way to DO something with all those random buckets/crates/laundry baskets of produce that I just hauled into the house.

Speaking of which, check out all the "Paige's Favorites" links. I've added some to them!

Buuut...back to my bit of heaven...

"How to Butcher a Chicken"

Now I know you're thinking, "C'mon Paige, this is the best you can do? A website ENTITLED how to butcher a chicken." Well, this not only has the best description of chicken butchering (for the more squeamish or less poultry processing minded amongst you), it also has plans/links for constructing foot operated sink spigots, a chicken-tractor design that I REALLY like (hint, hint, Dan. And yes, I would be fine with this for a Valentine's gift or something one day. Just in time for spring chicks! Aren't I an AWESOME wife! Chicken tractors for major holidays, lol. ;) ), home-made apple cider presses, the instructions for curing garlic (be still your heart, Dan!), and making said apple cider, apple cider vinegar, and garlic powder. And on top of it--LOTS of pictures, diagrams, and explanations.'s free, so I get to spend a day all to myself and not spend a dime--aren't I a good wife. :)


  1. Back when we butchered our first chicken this website took us through it step by step--we had no prior knowledge and we successfully dressed a chicken It's too bad none of our grandparents or great aunts were willing to come out and teach us personally... I didn't know there were instructions for a cider press though. I'll be checking that out soon :) Aimee

  2. Aimee,

    Dan and I have become positive addicts of The Deliberate Agrarian! He has whole guides on maple sugaring and his experience with making cider presses---and cider vinegar, and garlic powder, and growing comfrey (I HIGHLY recommend the article on it from Mother Earth news), and mangle beets for additional high-protein fodder, and...and...and... He shows enough of the press and the process that you could probably figure it out on your own (and he states that that's partly his purpose--to make it accessible enough that people will start doing it), but he's already been such a blessing that I think Dan and I are going to just go ahead and buy his plan book. He's WONDERFUL! Oh, and chicken tractor designs and raising turkeys! I'm in blogger love, let's just say!

    How's the family?



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