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So, about that being an egg donor...

Not that it was a very long discussion, but Dan and I are both set with a "no" answer about my being an egg donor. Now, don't get me wrong, I think it would be a wonderful thing to have had a hand in helping a family have a child, but it's just not something that Dan and I are looking to do, for multiple reasons.

1. My personal views are anti-abortion. I have family members and friends who either have been premies themselves or have had children who are premies. Modern medicine has been wrong in the past and as it continues to advance, the little lives that are saved when they leave mom too soon are becoming younger and younger and younger. Many children who were born at 27 weeks have not only survived, but our understanding increases, I wouldn't be surprised to see that age pushed further and further back, even past the "legal" abortion gestational age. So in my view life begins at conception. IVF and egg-donors will "conceive" a number of children in petri dishes and only implant one in the womb. So, I would consider myself a hypocrite as "aborting" the other "unused" fetus and disposing of them to be no different than a very early abortion. **

2. Dan and I are still very new in our marriage and kids haven't been an option for US yet. Being an egg donor is an invasive procedure that will require surgery and can potentially leave behind damage that would cause me to be infertile. If I were to be unable to conceive later on down the road, I would always wonder if I did it to myself. It might be a bit selfish, but Dan and I feel that we've both made choices that have protected us and our future family. I don't want to go through an unnecessary risk that might jeapordize OUR family.

3. I'm in PA school. Going through all of the testing and whatnot is a long process and by the time life settles down enough for all that, honestly, the woman that asked me really should already have found a donor and moved on with her life. Her clock is ticking and I don't want to be holding her up.

So, anyway, I'll be doing more reading later on down the road in the next week. It should be interesting reading and something that I'm sure will come up in my practice at some point or another.
**That being said, I realize that this is a controversial issue. My mind is set and I won't be swayed. I welcome discussion, but I also reserve the right to agree to disagree and moderate any comments that this might spark. The point of this post is to just discuss some of the reasons Dan and I aren't looking to donate eggs, not get into a discussion as to abortion.


  1. A 61-year-old woman gave birth to her own grandchild using an egg donated by her daughter, a clinic in Japan has said.
    The surrogate mother is believed to be oldest woman to have given birth in Japan.


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