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Neither my husband or I are much into gift giving, it just isn't our love language and we both enjoy being frugal--out of necessity and out of principle. :-D Instead, spending quality time together is much more meaningful to us and that was how we spent our first married Valentine's Day together. A leisurely breakfast, a home-cooked seafood dinner, lots of time spent talking and further getting to know each other, followed by a movie and dessert bar provided by our local church.

The movie was Fireproof and I highly recommend it. Although the acting is a tad off at times, the message is wonderful, and for us it was good reminder of what real loves looks like and Who true love is based on. The movie was a balance to all the feeling and emotions and warm-fuzzies that "love" uses as its foundation, especially around Valentine's day. One quote that stuck with me says it best and is in stark contrast to the philosophy surrounding love in our culture...

“You can’t just follow your heart. Your heart can be deceived. You have to lead your heart.”
...and, as the movie points out, you lead your heart by the commitment, vows, and covenant that you shared on your wedding day.


  1. ooooh yay you have a blog!! :) :) :) I am so happy!

    I love that quote- what a wonderful contrast to that "just follow your heart" crap. ;)

    And I never understood the "honeymoon phase" that people like to tell you about when they find out you've been married less than a year. I personally always found that insulting... Daniel and I are still in ours and we've been married almost 5 years.... You will only have to put up with people telling you that for a little bit longer, though, and then people will see that you guys really, actually love one another :)

    Ok enough rambling! Keep up the blogging Paige! I'm glad to be back in contact with you :)

  2. Haha, yes, I figured it was about time I start keeping all my ramblings... it makes for a nice, non-lose-able trip down memory lane later on, too.

    Yeah...Dan and I never understood that phrase either. We normally get that "oh, they're just newlyweds" look doubly so, especially after hearing our engagement story. We just smile and strive to prove them wrong!

    I'm so excited to be talking with you, too!

    Oh! And I was just thinkin of you when I was studying my peds section....have you started Ezekiel on any solids? My notes were talking about babies waking up in the night after previously sleeping through being a sign of being ready for solids, all around the age of 6 months or so. It's been so much fun watching all your videos and pictures! He's so cute! I can't wait for some of our own...all after PA school, though!

  3. We just gave him his first "real" food yesterday- an egg yolk. He did not seem to like it, but we got it down him. It was interesting- I have a video I should put on my blog. :) I cooked the egg as per instructions (boil egg 3 minutes until yolk is cooked but still soft) but my egg yolk didn't cook all the way. It was the only egg, so I just fed it to him runny (you can mix raw egg yolk in with a bottle so I figured it was alright). the spoon didn't work so we switched to a syringe, which did work. I got most of it down him. :) Yay for brain food!

    so what IS your engagement story??!! I haven't heard it yet!! The last I knew you guys weren't even dating, and then BOOM I hear you're getting married (which is awesome by the way)!! I want to hear the story please! :)

  4. Haha, I can only imagine! I remember my mom feeding Zach baby cereal for the first time...I was convinced he'd never get off a bottle after that.

    Well, for the engagement story, BOOM pretty much sums it up! After camp, Dan and I kept facebook busy with messages back and forth. When he finally looked to find out what my AIM was, our first convo lasted 10 hours and I pulled the first all-nighter of my life. We officially started dating in October, and kept up a long distance relationship, as he was in NY and I was in OH. Around Thanksgiving, we came up with the crazy idea of getting married--or else wait 2.5 years until I got out of PA school. Sooo...we prayed for a month, until Christmas break when we'd be visiting all our family and he could ask my dad. Aaaaand, everyone was excited and a wedding was underway! We got married the weekend after I graduated from Malone (in May), then moved to Maine the weekend after the wedding! It was certainly crazy and quite the whirlwind, but we've been SO happy to finally not be 4 hours apart all the time!


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